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Security cameras have gained a lot of attention in the recent years because they act as an important layer of defense against the disturbing trend of mail and package theft. Luckily a new breed of cameras called Wi-Fi cameras, also known as wireless or IP cameras, make installation a breeze compared to the wired version. Another feature that dmakes surveillance camera so popular is that you can stream and live view the videos on just about any device so you can catch those thieves in the act.

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When shopping for a smart security camera, there are many features to consider:

Night vision or Infrared capability
Cameras with built-in infrared night vision (IR) can capture video in very low light and no light conditions.

Cloud storage vs local storage
Many manufacturers offer cloud storage solution so that you can access the recorded videos from anywhere as long as you have internet. Some services are free but most charge a nominal monthly fee.

Video resolution
Just like a digital camera, higher video resolution provides higher video quality which can be important when you need to read a license plate or identify a person’s face. 1080p is quite common for high definition (HD) camera but 4K provides 4 times more pixels than 1080p.

Weather resistant
Being able to stand up to tough outdoor elements such as rain, snow, heat and moisture is crucially important. Look for IP67 waterproof rating for maximum weather protection.

Object detection
Object detection software plays an important part to identify moving objects such as human, animals, cars and trees so that it sends out alerts to your smart phone only when necessary.

Field of view
Having a wide-angle view that’s greater than 90 degrees helps to capture a wider image, thus eliminates the need for multiple cameras or camera with the expensive PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) option.

Let’s look at some of the popular outdoor security cameras and deals out there.

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