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With home burglary and home invasion related crimes on the rise, one way we can protect ourselves is by installing indoor and outdoor security cameras around the property where we live and work. While security cameras do not provide a physical barrier, they provide an effective layer of deterrent against potential intruders. Should the crime occur near or inside the property, the evidence collected by the cameras can help law enforcement agencies to catch the criminals.

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Deciding on which camera to purchase is not an easy task because there are so many choices out there depending on your budget. Here are the main features to consider when shopping for a smart indoor security camera.

  • Camera resolution
    A picture is worth a thousand words as they say. This also holds true when it comes to video quality. While 1080p has become the norm these days and it provides decent video images, you should go for even higher resolution if you budget allows so that faces and actions can be identified easier while reviewing the video footage.
  • Face detection
    This technology is super helpful because it gives camera the ability to automatically zoom in on faces and has the ability to identify strangers from recognized faces. This way the camera will send you alerts only when strangers are spotted.
  • Storage
    Try to figure out how much storage you need and whether you prefer to store the videos locally on a micro SD card or in the cloud. Many manufacturers offer a free basic cloud storage to store the video footages for a short period of time such as 24 hours. If you have the need to store them for longer periods, a monthly subscription fee is required for the added service.

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