Mesh Router vs. Range Extender


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Wi-Fi is something we can’t seem to live without these days. Just about everything we do involves connecting to the internet as a way to retrieve data or communicate with others. That’s why we become frustrated and sometimes outright angry when we walk into a dead spot inside the house where Wi-Fi signals can’t reach. This is where the Wi-Fi range extender can help to extend the signal coverage throughout the house. But range extender has limitations in terms of performance. Now there’s a better option — Wi-Fi mesh network systems.

Mesh Router vs. Range Extender

Range extender communicates with the main Wi-Fi router via the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio bands. It’s set up as a secondary network system with its own SSID and password. While you will receive extender signals throughout the house, the bandwidth is normally much reduced.

Mesh network system on the other hand, uses multiple satellite modules, or nodes that you set up throughout your house to create a “mesh” network. Larger house requires more nodes to ensure proper network coverage. But they all share one SSID and communicate with each other using the mesh technology to ensure Wi-Fi signal stays strong no matter where you are inside the house.

Great Deals on Mesh Routers

Should I Purchase a Mesh Router System Now

With the much improved performance and affordability of the mesh routers, there’s no time like now to upgrade your router to a new mesh router system. You don’t have to shell out big money for a solid performer like Google WiFi which is priced just below $100. You can buy additional Wi-Fi nodes or points later should you have the need for it. It’s time to enjoy fast internet speed throughout your entire house.

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